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Plunge pool from Rocky Mountain Outdoor Living

Create the Private
Paradise You Deserve

Have a refreshing place to relax without a four-month installation with our pool that can be used all year!

No Winterization Needed

Interested in Swimming Year Round?

For those looking for a slightly smaller pool option than our traditional models, our fiberglass spa pools, also known as plunge or cocktail pools, can serve as a refreshing pool during the summer and be converted to a spa in the winter. Therefore, this space-saving model is ideal for our Colorado weather. Did we mention that they can be installed in only 30 days? 

Introducing the Immerspa Inground Spa Pool

Not only are our Immerspas beautiful, but they also offer a more affordable price point and a much shorter install window than traditional pools. Our team can have you enjoying your new backyard retreat in only thirty days and at a fraction of the price. Additional features that can be added to these models include spa jets, water features, and more.

Plunge pool from Rocky Mountain Outdoor Living

Ready to take the plunge? Start Creating the Swimming Oasis You Deserve

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