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6 Tips to Protecting Your Deck This Winter

Winter Deck Tips from Rocky Mountain Outdoor Living

If you want to increase your deck's longevity, then regular winter maintenance is a must. Colorado winters can be unpredictable, and composite and natural wood decks require a little TLC during this time of year. Follow our six simple steps to keep your deck at its best.

Remove Debris

Removing debris and leaves will help reduce the chance of mold growth and staining over the winter. Make sure that organic material is also removed from between the deck slats.

Remove and Cover Furniture

Furniture should be removed and stored for the winter if possible. If you lack storage space, you should stack and cover your deck furniture with a tarp or other protective covering.

Moisture and debris can become trapped under furniture and planters, contributing to mold and mildew. As a result, natural wood decks are more susceptible to deterioration from mold or mildew. However, composite decks will never deteriorate for this reason.

Note: If mold and mildew begin to accumulate on the surface of composite boards, they can easily be removed to make your deck look new.

Skip a Metal Shovel

Although decks are made to withstand a significant amount of weight, removing heavy snow is a great safety measure. Should you choose a plastic or metal shovel? A plastic shovel should be your choice for safely removing snow from natural and composite wood decks. Unfortunately, metal shovels can easily damage and scratch your boards.

In addition, make sure your shovel also has rounded or rubber edges, as sharp edges can damage your deck.

Ideally, a broom with softer bristles is perfect for removing a few inches of light, fluffy snow since a broom will not damage or scratch your decking, as snow can easily be swept between the slats.

Don't Go Against the Grain

Now that you have the correct type of shovel let's talk about the importance of going with the grain of the wood. Removing snow against the grain can cause damage to your deck in the form of grooves and scratches.  

Avoid Salt

If you are looking to remove ice from your deck, make sure to avoid using salt. Salt absorbs water from the wooden boards, which decreases their ability to expand and contract and accelerates corrosion.


If you want to use a form of ice melt, opt for a gentler product. Deckorators recommends using products that are labeled environmentally friendly or pet safe as they are gentler on composite decks

Spring Inspections

A yearly deck inspection is a good idea, especially if your deck is made from natural wood. An inspector can ensure that your decking is structurally sound and identify any damage or mold that should be addressed.

Bottom Line

Following a few steps can help keep your deck looking new and ready for another Colorado summer.


Are you looking for more tips on how to keep your property looking its best? Then, check out how to take care of your trees this winter.

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