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Deck Safety Checklist

Composite Deck

Is your deck ready for the upcoming deck season? Although it is always the right time of year to inspect your deck, Spring is the perfect time to check your deck's health, especially if you live where there is snow.  Here are some spring deck inspection tips:


• Structure

Inspect the deck for any signs of structural damage, such as rot, cracks, or loose boards. Also, pay close attention to the posts, beams, and joists that support the deck. Look for any signs of moisture damage, such as rot or mold. Check underneath the deck and in between boards for any trapped moisture. 


• Fasteners

Inspect the screws, nails, and bolts that hold the deck together. Tighten any loose fasteners and replace any that are rusted or corroded.


• Ledger Board

The ledger board is the board that attaches the deck to the house. Inspect it for signs of damage, such as rot or water damage. Ensure it's securely attached to the house with lag screws or bolts.


• Railings

Make sure the railings are secure and meet local building codes. Check for any signs of damage or rot.


• Stairs

Inspect the stairs for any signs of damage or wear. Make sure the treads and risers are secure and not loose. Check that the handrails are secure and at the correct height.


• Electrical & Lighting

Check that all lights and electrical outlets are in working order and up to code.  Remember to trim any trees or bushes that are impacting the lighting. 


Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you are not sure if your deck is safe, you can always ask a professional to come and assess the health of your deck.


By following these tips, you can ensure your deck is safe and in good condition throughout spring and summer. If you have a wood deck and are looking for an option that requires less maintenance, we recommend a composite deck. A composite deck doesn’t require sanding or staining. This type of deck also doesn’t absorb water like regular wooden decks making them less susceptible to rotting, cracking, warping, and insect issues.

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